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Innovation in 2.4GHz Serial Radios
Exemys has developed a new Industrial Serial Radio, based on mesh networking topology of ZigBee technology.

This new product line, wSerial, helps to connect serial ports RS232, RS485 or USB, totally wireless and not only in the classic format of point to point, but in the form of point to multipoint, thanks to Mesh Technology.
What is a Wireless Serial Radio?
It is a system that allows to extend the distance to a serial port, through a radio channel, in this case, a 2.4GHz radio with mesh networking technology.
What is Point to Point and Multipoint ?
Point to Point
A radio communicates directly only with another radio. The serial data move from one extreme to another, totally transparent to the communication channel.

Point to MultiPoint (Mesh Technology)
A radio acts a hub and connect multiple radios, forming a network. The communications are controlled by the electronic device that is connected to the radio concentrator, which can be a Computer with a SCADA software, proprietary software or PLC / HMI / RTU devices.
What is ZigBee Mesh Networks ?
ZigBee is a wireless communications network that allows its nodes to communicate among themselves independently. This means that nodes can send information directly to the hub, and can pass them to other network nodes, to reach their destination.
Benefits of ZigBee mesh networks
• You may carry messages from one node to another in different ways.
• Each node has its own communications with everyone else.
• Each node extends the reach of communications.
• It is safer. If a node fails, another will take over the traffic.
Features of the "Concentrator" Radios
Features of the "Remote Node" Radios
Example Application - Industrial Radios in a Factory
- PLCs production machines are connected to a "Remote Node" Radio
- The "Concentrator" Radio is connected to an HMI screen in the control center.

Thus, all data are handled by PLCs HMI screen, wirelessly and securely.
Benefits of ZigBee Wireless Radios:

- Eliminates Costs and Wiring Problems

- Mesh network topology is more secure and reliable

- Low-Cost Wireless System

- Long range transmission with low power

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